Stories Underneath. 

We love the ocean and we love filmmaking. Allow us to tell your stories underneath. Armed with several years of experience in doing underwater videography for movies, commercials and television we wish to tell the tales of the ocean. 

Richard Cawed has been diving for several years. He is currently a rescue diver and is trying to squeeze in time to get his Dive Master License. 

For our underwater cameras, we currently have a Sony A7S M2 and a Canon 5D Mark3.

Subaquatic Life

Here is some of our work.

Recent Projects for GMA 7

Promo Video GMA 7 Sahay

5 Episodes - Sahaya

Beautiful Justice GMA 7

1 Episode - The other woman

1 Episode  Tadhana

2 Episodes GMA 7 - Sherlock 

2 Episodes GMA 7 - Inday will always love you

Born to be Wild 

Recent  Commercials

Department of Tourism - Film Pabrika

"Coach" Sunlife -  Indie.Go Media

Mandaue Foam - Dissident Pictures

Cebu Pacific - Film Pabrika

Movies : 

Unbreakable - Star Cinema

Amnesia Love - Viva

Mr. and Mrs. Cruz -Viva

All you Need is Pag-Ibig - Star Cinema

English Only Please - Star Cinema

Baconaua - Cinemalaya

Shooting for an Episode of Sahaya using an Alexa Mini